to the shipcloud developer portal where you - the developer - will hopefully get all the information you need to get started with integrating shipcloud into your own service, shop, app or other crazy idea.

This is supposed to be your one stop for all developer needs. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

If there's anything missing in this portal, you've found a typo, bug or something isn't clear, the developer portal is build as a public repository on github. Feel free to fork it, change things, make a pull request or even run your own local version of it.

Getting started

If you want to start testing our services fast - this is the way to go! Just follow these simple steps:


Afterwards you should consider reading about a few of the concepts and principles that our api and services are adhering to. On our concepts page we're trying to explain stuff like authentication, versioning, timeouts and a lot more basic and important things you should know about when working with our api.


Always stay up to date with our developer journal where we're writing about changes and updates to our api, providing you with useful insights and keeping you up to date about where you can meet us to talk about the development side of our services.

Not a developer?

Don't panic! We've got you covered! There are already a hand full of plugins written by other developers for a lot of the largest online shopping software solutions. We're also directly integrated into a few shopping services like Gambio, Jimdo and VersaCommerce.

Need help?

If at any point you're getting the feeling that you're lost or you're simply having a question, because something we're describing isn't clear to you. Don't hesitate to contact us.