Hermes Shipping Interface



The most basic service. Normal ground shipping without any modifier to speed up the shipping time.


A shipment that the customer sends back to the store / sender

Package types


Shipments that don't fall into the normal dimensions can be send by specifying them as bulk items when sending via hermes.


  • package.type has to be bulk
  • you'll have to use your own contract with the carrier


The most basic package type for shipping parcels there is.

Additional services

Customer alert

When using the additional service Hermes customer alert you are requesting Hermes to notify your customers of a pending delivery by contacting them directly either via email or SMS.


  • you'll have to use your own contract with the carrier


You can have the carrier Hermes check the identity of a recipient by specifying this additional service (more details about the IdentService at the Hermes website). The shipment will be handed over to the recipient only if the data on the shipping label matches 100% to the shown ID.


  • You have to use your own carrier contract
  • id_type is mandatory and can be one of the following values: german_identity_card, german_passport, international_passport
  • id_number is mandatory
  • Applicable only for domestic shipments whithin Germany

Other attributes

Cover address

When sending parcels from a different location than what is specified by your contract, you can specify a so called "cover address" that will be printed on the label as the sender. This is especially useful for customers who are using a fulfillment provider for their shipments.


  • You have to use your own (Hermes HSI) carrier contract
  • The feature needs to be activated by Hermes
  • cover_address needs to be specified at the root level



  • You have to use your own (Hermes HSI) carrier contract
  • drop_off_point.drop_off_point_id is mandatory (can be determined through the Hermes Website)
  • drop_off_point.type has to be parcel_shop


  • Hermes can notify the receiver via sms or email if you provide the additional service advance notice

Label formats


  • DIN A5: pdf_a5
  • DIN A6: pdf_a6


Cutoff times

If the volume is below 2m3, you can request a pickup for the next day until 9pm the day before. If the volume exceeds this limit you'll have to request the pickup until 2pm the previous day.

Field lengths

  • first_name: 0 - 20 characters
  • last_name: 1 - 30 characters
  • company: 0 - 20 characters
  • care_of: 0 - 20 characters
  • street: 1 - 27 characters
  • street_no: 1 - 5 characters
  • zip_code: 1 - 8 characters
  • city: 1 - 30 characters