ShippingWCF API



The most basic service. Normal ground shipping without any modifier to speed up the shipping time.


A shipment that the customer sends back to the store / sender


  • Returns can be send from the following countries:
    • Austria (AT)
    • Belgium (BE)
    • Germany (DE)
    • Denmark (DK)
    • Spain (ES)
    • Finland (FI)
    • France (FR)
    • Italy (IT)
    • The Netherlands (NL)
    • Sweden (SE)
  • label.format has to be pdf_a5
  • package.type has to be parcel

Package types


The most basic package type for shipping parcels there is.

Parcel letter

Everything which is too small for a parcel but larger and heavier than a classical letter


  • package.type has to be parcel_letter

Other attributes

Customs declaration

If you want to send a shipment to a country where a customs declaration is necessary you can specify this the following way. Detailed information about the parameters can be found in our documentation of creating a shipment.


  • customs_declaration.contents_type is mandatory
  • customs_declaration.currency has to be EUR
  • customs_declaration.items is mandatory

Label formats


  • DIN A5: pdf_a5
  • DIN A6: pdf_a6